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Welcome Flame Users!

Our goal for this user group is to share the latest in visual effects, to review new product features and to showcase some amazing techniques. We have regular events in Toronto where we all get together and discuss.

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Event Info
Welcome to the Fall 2018 Flame Users Group on Tuesday October 2nd at the Autodesk Technology Center in Toronto!

Flame Artist Joel Osis will be showing how motion vectors and the updated projector in Flame can really change how you approach a shot, as well as some images that get brought to life using regular old diffuse projectors.
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For the massive Walmart “Ode To Motherhood” 2 minute piece, theVanity had over 100 VFX shots to complete in under 4 days! This project had it all from underwater environments to wild west landscapes to CG character integration to destruction simulations all in an effort to tell the story of how being a mom is very difficult and how Walmart… well, makes it less difficult.

Flame Artist Sean Cochrane will break down a few of the key shots and speak about how Flame was the only tool they could have ever used to deliver this baby on time!
Kevin Shaw, Colorist and Co-Founder of the International Colorist Academy, will discuss the use of ACES and other color managed workflows for production, post-production and how it affects DI grading. Now that it is becoming normal to master a combination of HDR, Digital Cinema and television deliverables - it is no longer sufficient to grade to a single calibrated reference monitor and export. He will show just how easy it is to deliver to multiple color gamuts, and what happens when things go wrong.

Will Harris from the Autodesk Flame team will do a deep dive into some of the new Flame 2019.1 features via webcast.

You will also get the chance to take a look at the new ColorEdge Prominence CG3145 HDR reference monitor by EIZO.

Don’t forget to RSVP to make sure you are on the list.

We'll see you there!

DATE: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018
SIGN IN: 6:30 PM

Autodesk Technology Center
661 University Avenue, Main Floor, West Tower,
Toronto, ON, M5G 1M1

NOTE: The Technology Center is located on the main floor, at the corner of University & College. The Queens Park subway station is connected directly to the building.


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